About Us

The fundamental areas of science aim to understand the basic working forms of nature, the socio-cultural formation of societies and individuals, and the role that language plays in shaping and guiding these areas in human perception. For this reason, they are of great importance in terms of both improving the worldviews of individuals who will shape the future and providing a foundation for other disciplines.

Since its establishment in 1997, the Faculty of Science and Letters of Istanbul Kültür University has provided education with a structure reflecting the main objectives of the fundamental areas of science and its qualified academic staff who are among the best in their fields in the country.

For our successful students, we offer double major programs to which students can apply in the third semester at the earliest and the fifth semester at the latest. Moreover, our students also have the opportunity to do a minor degree.

Our Faculty also provides international education and training opportunities for students within the framework of the Erasmus+/Socrates exchange programs. For this purpose, the credits of the courses in each undergraduate program have been adapted to the European Union Credit Transfer System.

During their undergraduate education, our students also have the opportunity to expand their content knowledge and get prepared for graduate studies by taking courses from graduate programs. In this context, students who study at our undergraduate programs may take three courses from a master's program in the final year of their studies. The courses taken in the last semester may be deducted from the course load of the master's degree, which provides an important benefit for our graduates who wish to continue their graduate education at our University.

Within the framework of graduate education, there are master's programs in the fields of Mathematics-Computer Science, Physics, Turkish Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Molecular Biology and Genetics and Psychology, and doctoral programs in the fields of Mathematics, Turkish Language and Literature, and Molecular Biology and Genetics.